Call https://trtl.nodes.pub/api/getNodes to get a list of public nodes.

You can pass an optional parameter max_fee to limit results to nodes with fees less than or equal to max_fee: https://trtl.nodes.pub/api/getNodes?max_fee=5000.

curl -D - https://trtl.nodes.pub/api/getNodes\?max_fee\=5000
HTTP/2 200 
content-type: application/json
cache-control: public, max-age=60
x-cloud-trace-context: 9651689690590c141ef05ff81e7742b7;o=1
date: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 21:48:54 GMT
server: Google Frontend
content-length: 713

[{"fee": 3500, "name": "Australia/Brisbane - Thingyweb.com.au", "url": "trtlnode.thingyweb.com.au", "height": 1134962, "ssl": false, "score": 9714, "port": 11898}, {"fee": 1000, "name": "BalticBlockchain - Public Node", "url": "balticblockchain.de", "height": 1134961, "ssl": false, "score": 9333, "port": 11898}, {"fee": 0, "name": "greywolf Germany", "url": "turtlenode.co", "height": 1134962, "ssl": false, "score": 9000, "port": 11898}, {"fee": 5000, "name": "EU Public Node", "url": "crypto-dredge.com", "height": 1134963, "ssl": false, "score": 9333, "port": 11898}, {"fee": 500, "name": "D. Smasher's Node", "url": "dsmash.turtlenode.online", "height": 1134964, "ssl": false, "score": 9333, "port": 11898}]%

/api/getNodes will try to return a random selection of nodes, that have high poll score (see FAQ above) and not very high fees. It is indended to be used by lightweight wallets that need to connect to a public node. The getNodes tries to

The JSON returned by getNodes is a drop-in replacement for https://raw.githubusercontent.com/turtlecoin/turtlecoin-nodes-json/master/turtlecoin-nodes.json.